‘Medical Centre Jan van Goyen is always my first choice.’

Rob Spierings, Amsterdam


‘Patients can come to us for all ENT complaints.’

Dr. Lenka Vermeeren

Internal Medicine

‘The consultation with the doctor was very pleasant. She reassured me and I was helped very quickly. ’

Lydia Veerman, Volendam

Internal medicine

‘Our patients often say how much they appreciate it
that they always see the same doctor, it feels familiar’

Dr. Dominique Verhagen

Pain management

“The experience of this doctor and the location of the medical centre
in the middle of the city makes it a pleasant visit. “

Dirk Meurs, Amsterdam

Pain management

‘I try to find a solution together with the patient
to address the pain problem or at least make it bearable.’

Drs. Gerard Barendse

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen

The small-scale locations of Medical Centre Jan van Goyen offer treatments in their own various specialist areas. We aim for a personal and friendly approach so you will always be a name to us instead of a number. We also work with short waiting times so you are assured of an appointment and treatment at short notice. Thanks to the fact that we have contracts or agreements with all the Dutch health insurers, most of the procedures and treatments will be reimbursed by your insurance. We only treat patients from the age of 16. The only exceptions are the ENT and Dermatology outpatient clinics which treat patients below the age of 16 as well.

Why come to Medical Centre Jan van Goyen?

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The Anaesthesiology department assesses your physical condition and determines which type of anaesthesia is most suitable for you. The anaesthesiologist also informs you about the use of medication.


Dermatology is a medical specialist area that deals with recognising skin problems and diseases and their treatments. You can come to our dermatologists for, amongst other things, eczema and psoriasis treatments or cosmetic dermatology.


The Phlebology department deals with diseases that affect the veins and vessels of the vascular system. This includes the treatment of varicose veins, sclerocompression therapy, and Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLB).

Internal Medicine

The specialism Internal Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosing, and treatment of diseases of the internal organs with adult patients. We predominantly specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms of diabetes and HIV.


As the name already shows, the ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist treats problems and diseases on the ears, the nose, and the throat. Our ENT specialists also perform surgeries and outpatient procedures.



You can come to our Ophthalmology department when you have eye problems that cannot be treated by your GP or optician. Our ophthalmologists are, amongst other things, specialised in cataract and retinal diseases.


The Orthopaedics department deals with diseases and injuries of the support and locomotor system. We diagnose and treat, amongst other things, knee, foot, and shoulder complaints.

Pain management

Our outpatient clinic for pain management offers treatments against chronic pain. Chronic pain is considered to be pain that lasts longer than 3 to 6 months. For more information about the various forms of pain relief treatments, please click the button below.

Plastic Surgery

MC Jan van Goyen has highly experienced plastic surgeons who are affiliated with the Dutch Society of Plastic Surgery (NVPC). We offer a wide range of treatments: from breast augmentation to nose surgery.


Proctology deals with problems around the anus. Our specialists can help you when you suffer from problems such as haemorrhoids, skin flaps, or other painful conditions. We realise that such problems can cause a feeling of shame and that seeing a physician might be a big step, but there is really no need to feel this way. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment.


You can come to us for X-rays and ultrasounds. X-rays can be made without prior appointment. When you want to come for an ultrasound examination, then please make an appointment by phone at 020 305 5800.



Pleasant and personal treatment. Convivial, homely atmosphere where treatments are given without any sense of judgement. They listen carefully to the wishes, anxieties, and questions of the patient and always try to give a fitting solution/support.


I got a knee replacement when there were no other alternatives, and right on time. Dr. Krijnen is very focused and acute in his observations and execution, as well as in his communication. In short, excellent!