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Administation, supervision and participation

The Jan van Goyen Medical Centre is legally (and actually) established in Amsterdam, at Jan van Goyenkade 1. The medical centre is a foundation with an administrator.

The statutory administrator of the Jan van Goyen MC is R. (Roxanne) Vernimmen. Vernimmen is also a member of the OLVG Executive Board.

Works council
The Works Council consists of staff who conduct negotiation with the employer, on behalf of the personnel of Jan van Goyen MC, about company policy and personnel interests. The rights and obligations of the Works Council are defined in the Dutch Works Councils Act (WOR).

The Works Council has obligations and responsibilities that are described in this Act. Also, the Dutch Working Conditions Act and the Hospitals Collective Labour Agreement (CAOZ) assign authority to the Works Council. Negotiation is conducted on behalf of the employees with the administrator and management about the general organisational interests and the interests of the employees in particular.

Want to know more? If you do, please contact the Works Council Secretariat via or@jvg.nl.

Medical staff
All the medical specialists of the Jan van Goyen MC together form the medical staff. The medical staff has an important role to play in defining medical care policies and is one of the advisory bodies for Jan van Goyen MC.

The aim of the medical staff is to ensure, jointly and under common responsibility, the responsible medical treatment of patients. The members of the medical staff meet bimonthly. The meeting shall address protocols, quality and safety-related issues and other matters of concern. The group IFMS (peer evaluation) is used to evaluate the professional functioning of the medical specialists.

Medical staff board
The board represents the members of the medical staff. The staff board and management meet together on a monthly basis. The members of the board are:

A.E. Kleipool, Orthopaedic Surgeon

B.S. Wind, Dermatologist (Official Secretary)
Dr. S.M.M. de Castro, Surgeon (Treasurer)
P. Roossink, Plastic Surgeon