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The Jan van Goyen Medical Centre works together with various parties in the region.

Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Centre
As well as insured healthcare, which is dealt with by the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre, you may also come to us for uninsured healthcare: At the Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Centre. The Jan van Goyen EC and MC cooperate closely. For example, operations are done at the Jan van Goyen MC theatre complex.

The Jan van Goyen MC Works closely with the OLVG hospital for various supporting functions. Many of OLVG’s medical specialists also work at the medical centre.
According to the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre’s statutes, the OLVG has the right to appoint and also dismiss the majority of the members of the Jan van Goyen MC’s supervisory board. This gives the OLVG predominant authority over the Jan van Goyen MC.

There is a strategic cooperative relationship with the VUmc’s plastic surgery department. Many kinds of patient have surgery at the Jan van Goyen MC, for general plastic surgery procedures and also for gender surgery.

Koninginne Pharmacy and Jan van Goyen
The Jan van Goyen MC and EC work together with the Koninginne Pharmacy at Koninginneweg 137. Patients can go to this pharmacy to collect medicines for which they have received a prescription – even if they are registered at a different pharmacy.