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Quality at our Centre

Quality and safety at the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre

Quality and safety are very important to the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre. We work every day to make this a reality for you. Since December 1, 2019 the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre has been accredited by Qualicor Europe, formerly known as NIAZ (the Dutch Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare). That means that Jan van Goyen meets all the requirements set by Qualicor Europe in terms of quality and safety.

These are the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre watchwords:

  • High quality healthcare
  • You as patient are central
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Personal attention and good service
  • No long waiting lists.

We are constantly working to achieve quality and safety and, where possible, to improve it. Your input on this is very important to us. We always welcome any suggestion that we could use for improvement. You can let us know by e-mailing:info@jvg.nl.

Patient satisfaction
We monitor our patients’ satisfaction annually. You will receive an invitation to participate in this in the year following your treatment.

In 2017, we obtained the following results from our survey:

  • 94% of patients were satisfied with the waiting time
  • Our specialists received an average of 8.3 out of 10 for their personal contact with the patients
  • Our specialists received an average of 8.6 for their medical expertise
  • Our most mentioned positive reviews are the personal approach, friendliness, short waiting time, expertise, rapid treatment, good guidance and the small scale of our operation.

Besides our own survey, you may also submit your experiences to Zorgkaart Nederland. This is an independent website where evaluations of care institutions and specialists may be submitted. We use this information to improve our care provision. We would therefore greatly appreciate it if you submitted an evaluation of us and of our specialists.

Mortality figure

The care sector is trying to provide clear information on how many people pass away in hospitals and treatment centres each year. This provides the institutions with insight into ways to improve their care processes. An agreement has been made that the mortality rate will be published on the site.

Our mortality figure is: 0
(publication date 15 February 2018).

For more information, we refer you to Dutch Hospital Data.