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Drs. H.E. de Meijier

“What really motivates me is that we are often able to really help the patient. The reason for me to become an orthopaedic specialist is that, as a 16-year old, I had to undergo orthopaedic surgery due to an accident and I became fascinated with this area of medicine. One of the important aspects of my work is giving the patient the best treatment possible and always work in his or her best interest.”

Hans de Meijier has been an orthopaedic specialist since 1993. His main areas are orthopaedics, traumatology, prosthesiology, foot and ankle surgery, shoulder surgery, and hip surgery. Hans completed his specialist training at the Academic Hospital Maastricht and later on worked at the Martini Hospital in Groningen and at the Johannes General Hospital in South Africa.


 BIG number: 9022802101