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Drs. L. Spaargaren

Lorenz Spaargaren is a general radiologist at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen and has a special interest in muscoloskeletal and neuroradiology. After completing his medical studies at the VU University, Lorenz first worked as an assistant physician (in a non-training capacity) in cardiology and neurology for a number of years.

Lorenz completed his specialist training at the University Hospital in Antwerp from 2000 to 2005, with a final year traineeship abroad at the Medical Center Alkmaar.

In 2005, Dr. Spaargaren started to work as a radiologist at the Diaconessen hospital in Leiden, which has since then merged with the Rijnland Hospital Leiderdorp to become the Alrijne Hospital. Here he used his radiology expertise to conduct infiltrations of the joints by means of an ultrasound-guided method instead of by radiography. At the Alrijne Hospital, he also spent several years as chairman of the partnership, and as a board member of the cooperative association of the medical staff and of the Medical Specialist organisation.

BIG number: 09043295401