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Good day,

How can we help you?

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Good day,

How can we help you?

Personal care

Small-scale locations

Insured and uninsured care

The best personal care in Amsterdam

The small-scale locations of the Jan van Goyen Medical Center have various specialties in-house.
We strive for a personal approach, so that you are a name and not a number.

Latest news

illustration Lucas PGO on telephone

You can use your PGO at Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen

You can now also use your personal health environment (PHE) at Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen. A PGO is a…

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advice calcium vitamin d3

Advice users calcium & vitamin D3

As of January 1, 2023, calcium and vitamin D supplements are no longer reimbursed by the health insurer. Many patients with…

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What should my treatment plan look like 1

February 13 webinar for osteoporosis patients

On Monday evening, February 13, The Osteoporosis Association is organizing a webinar especially for osteoporosis patients. In the webinar 'How should my…

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There are 43,200 consultations held per year

43 medical specialists employed

Our patients rate us a 8.8

There are 7.000
operations per year

What do our patients say

I only got a knee replacement when there were no more alternatives, just in time. Dr. Krijnen is very focused and sharp in his perception and execution as well as in the communication about it. Overall excellent!
Top clinic. Short lines with nursing staff and the specialist. A warm bath where you don't have to be nervous at all. Recover staff so nice before and after the procedure. Operation room staff very professional. You could tell from everything that there was a team. Narcosis was well explained what was going to happen. Woke up very peacefully. Great aftercare after surgery.
Nice personal treatment. Friendly, homely atmosphere where everyone is treated without judgment. They listen carefully to the wishes, fears and questions of the patient and always try to provide an appropriate solution/support.

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