February 13 webinar for osteoporosis patients

February 13 webinar for osteoporosis patients

On Monday evening, February 13, The Osteoporosis Association is organizing a webinar especially for osteoporosis patients. In the webinar 'What should my treatment plan look like?' did you hear what is said about this in the revised treatment guideline that was published in September and what the treatment of osteoporosis consists of? Special attention is paid to the medication component.

The webinar 'What should my treatment plan look like?' is about the new treatment guideline for osteoporosis and about the different medicines that are available. The treatment guideline tells doctors what the different steps are in the treatment of osteoporosis patients. Internist endocrinologist Dr. Annegreet Vlug of Medical Center Jan van Goyen and OLVG in Amsterdam and the chairman of The Osteoporosis Association Harry van den Broek tell more about this.

There are no costs associated with the webinar. Anyone with a phone, tablet, laptop or computer can participate. We do ask you to register in advance, this can be done via the website of The Osteoporosis Association. The meeting is on Monday 13 February and starts at 19.30.

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