September 14: World Eczema Day

September 14: World Eczema Day

Today it is World Eczema Day. Eczema is a collective term for skin conditions that are characterized by red, dry and scaly skin and are accompanied by a lot of itching. It is therefore a chronic disease with a major physical and mental impact. With World Eczema Day we draw attention to the quality of life and a better understanding for people with eczema.

Did you know that 2.5% of the population in the Netherlands has atopic eczema? This puts the condition in fourth place in the top 10 of chronic conditions in the Netherlands. It is one of the most common chronic conditions in children. 

Eczema cannot be prevented. But we have listed a number of tips of things you can do or avoid yourself to reduce eczema. Namely:

  • Try to keep the skin clean;
  • Soothe the skin with a cooling gel;
  • Provide good resistance;
  • Try to resist the urge to scratch. Scratching can lead to wounds and infections that can aggravate the symptoms;
  • Avoid substances that have an irritating effect as much as possible;
  • Avoid long and hot showers. Preferably use lukewarm water;
  • When drying, avoid rubbing, rather pat;
  • Avoid perfumed care products;
  • Avoid stress.

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