Common Conditions of General Internal Medicine

Tuesday 9 February 2021
Online, via zoom

On Tuesday 9 February, the internists of the Jan van Goyen Medical Center will organize the Internal Medicine Symposium for practice nurses and doctor's assistants about common disorders of general internal medicine. Accreditation has been awarded for NVDA and NVvPO (2 points).


6:00 PM - 6:35 PM Thyroid functionDr Annegreet Vlug, internist-endocrinologist
18.35 - 19.20 Anaemia analysisDr Fanny Lauw, internist-infectiologist
19.10 - 19.30 o'clockContinuous glucose measurement; never finger prick againTrins van der Linden, diabetes nurse
7.30 pm - 8 pmCardiovascular Risk ManagementDr. Dominique Verhagen, internist-infectiologist

Learning objectives during this evening include how do I interpret thyroid function? Which treatments are appropriate? How to quickly form a thought about the cause of anemia? Which provisions help to arrive at a rapid working diagnosis? What are the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring? In which patients with CVD do you need to determine a risk profile?

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Registration is possible until 8 February via stating first and last name, position, organization and registration number of the quality register. Participation in the symposium is free.