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dr. C. van Vlijmen

General surgeon

BIG number: 69042897301

Clarissa van Vlijmen is a general surgeon at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen, location Concertgebouwplein, and is specialised in varicose vein surgery (phlebological surgery) and minor surgical procedures. Clarissa van Vlijmen graduated from the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam as a surgeon. She obtained her doctoral degree in Medicine in 2004 for which she conducted research into the congenital cause for the dilation of the abdominal artery. She has many years of experience in the surgical procedures on varicose veins and (malignant) skin disorders. The treatment of varicose veins has seen many new developments in recent years. Dr. Van Vlijmen’s expertise includes the endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins.

Besides her work as a physician, she also takes part in scientific research and publishes in international professional magazines, holds scientific lectures, and supervises medical students during the practical internship for their medical degree. Her work at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen allows her to provide tailored treatments, quality, and service to the patient.

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