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dr. DWM Verhagen


BIG number: 89030500601

Dominique Verhagen studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. She followed her training as an internist at the OLVG and the AMC in Amsterdam. After her registration in 1999, she decided to specialize further in infectious diseases. Dominique Verhagen has been working as an internist-infectiologist for some time now. From 1999 to 2004 she was affiliated with the AMC where, in addition to her clinical work, she started research into the treatment of patients with heart valve infections (endocarditis). In 2009 she obtained her PhD for her thesis 'Clinical and pathophysiological aspects of infective endocarditis'. In the same period, Dominique Verhagen wrote the Dutch Guidelines for the treatment of patients with endocarditis. From 2004 to 2007 she worked as Chef de Clinique in the departments of General Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the VU University Medical Center.

Since 2007, Dominique Verhagen has been associated with our center as an internist. She divides her work between the General Internal Medicine outpatient clinic and the HIV treatment center.

In addition to her work as an internist/infectiologist, Dominique Verhagen is active as a participating specialist in various national and international scientific studies that focus on the treatment of HIV, AIDS and hepatitis and the associated side effects.


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