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dr. FN Lauw

general internist

BIG number: 89058682101

Fanny Lauw completed her training as an internist at the AMC in Amsterdam with a focus on infectious diseases and completed it in 2010. From 2011 she worked at the Slotervaart Hospital as an internist-infectiologist and was involved in the training of physician assistants and interns. .
As an infectiologist, the main tasks within the HIV treatment center were the care of patients with viral hepatitis and the Antibiotics team. In 2000 she obtained her PhD with her research into the 'Innate immune response' in bacterial infections. She also conducted further research in this area during a postdoctoral research period in the United States (2003 to 2005). After this she continued to be involved in national and international research in the field of Infectious Diseases.

Fanny has been working at Jan van Goyen Medical Center since January 2019. Here, in addition to her work as a general internist, she focuses on her specialization in Infectious Diseases. This means that she supervises the care for HIV patients within the HIV treatment center together with the other infectiologist (Dominique Verhagen) and the 2 nursing consultants. She also has expertise in viral hepatitis treatments.

Fanny believes it is important to build a good relationship with her patients, in which patients are given the confidence to discuss matters that are difficult for them to discuss. Good contact is of great importance for patients who are under chronic treatment, such as HIV patients. In addition, she believes it is important that after the consultation a patient feels that he has been properly informed about the results, the condition and the options available for treatment.


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