Dr. H.S. van Monsjou

BIG number: 19909564701

Dr. H.S. van Monsjou

BIG number: 19909564701

Hester van Monsjou has been an ENT specialist at the OLVG since 2016 and she also joined the ENT team at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen in September 2017. She completed her training at the LUMC in Leiden. After that, she gained further experience at the Bovenij hospital and at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. She received her doctorate in 2015 with her dissertation titled: “Epidemiological characteristics of oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma”.

“The ENT specialist area is very diverse: every day, you come across ‘simple’ problems for which you can offer the patient a quick and effective treatment (such as an earwax blockage, nosebleed, throat abscess) to very complex conditions like cholesteatoma (chronic infection of the middle ear) which has spread to the cranial base/hearing/vestibular system. We also see a great variety in the patient population, from babies to elderly people, from healthy to seriously ill. All this makes my profession extremely dynamic!”

Hester van Monsjou’s specialist area is Otology (ear problems): “Within the ENT specialisation, my main interest are the ears. I really enjoy the small-scale aspect of the ear. Its anatomy and function are so unique that I want to explain everything to the patient!”

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