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dr. P. Tan


BIG number: 59024217101

“I have had my fascination for fellow human beings all my life, both on a medical and personal level. This led to the choice of study medicine, which could be completed cum laude in 1989 at the VU University in Amsterdam. The choice of the exciting specialization radiology where a view into the body is in the foreground can also be explained by this.”

dr. Poen Tan has been working as a radiologist in Amsterdam since 1996. Since 1996 in the Lucas Andreas hospital, now OLVG, and since 2015 also in the smaller and personal setting, the Jan van Goyen Medical Center.

“What appeals to me about working at the Jan van Goyen Medical Center is that it offers the opportunity to provide individual care with an eye for the personal problems of fellow human beings. The close contact with the referring colleagues is also of the utmost importance for good care provision and is mutually appreciated. Areas of focus are primary care, musculoskeletal radiology and ultrasound. Moreover, I have a great passion for teaching, which I have been doing as a teacher at various institutes since 1991. I am currently teaching ultrasound at InHolland University of Applied Sciences, I have been doing this since 1996.”

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