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drs. L. van den Borne


BIG number: 4991328130

drs. Loes van den Borne was educated at the University Medical Center Utrecht and Gelre Hospitals Apeldoorn. Since 2018 she has been working as an ophthalmologist at the Jan van Goyen Medical Center. In addition to her work at Jan van Goyen, van den Borne has also been working at OLVG since 2016. She specializes in general ophthalmology, cataract and eyelid surgery and medical retina.

“I like the variety of work that ophthalmology has. Lots of contact with patients in the outpatient clinic, interspersed with procedures in the operating room. I think it is important to practice ophthalmology in as many facets as possible in order to be able to help a large group of patients. I think it is important to provide a clear explanation and to decide together on the best treatment options. I go home with a satisfied feeling when I have had a consultation hour in which patients have felt that they have been heard, in close cooperation with colleagues at the outpatient clinic.”

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