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drs. Ph. C. Perch

Medical specialist

BIG number: 39045038701

Philippe Baars studied nuclear medicine at the VUmc and has been working as a medical specialist for 17 years now. After his training, he further specialized in oncology, cardiology and osteoporosis. drs. As a medical specialist, Baars gained experience at the VUmc and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, among others. In addition to his work at the Jan van Goyen Medical Center, he is also affiliated with OLVG.

“I think high-quality medical care and strong, short peer lines are very important. I am only really satisfied when the patient is satisfied with the work done. Among other things, by short waiting times and giving a patient the feeling that there is personal attention. I therefore only go home with a satisfied feeling if I have been useful and helpful to both patient and colleague.”


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