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Corona measures update COVID-19

The health of our patients and employees is paramount at Jan van Goyen Medical Center. That is why we follow the advice of RIVM on COVID-19 and adjust our working method accordingly.


Update 14-12
We receive many calls from patients regarding their appointment at Jan van Goyen Medical Center. For the time being, all appointments continue and we can continue our care. Of course we follow all measures and the safety of our patients and employees is first. We have therefore taken various measures on site to ensure that care is as good and safe as possible. We would like to ask you to observe the following measures.

Only come if you have an appointment
We request that you do not come to our clinic unless you have an appointment scheduled.

Come alone and not too early
The basic principle is that people come to their appointment alone. Your supervisor can wait outside the clinic. If you really need guidance within the building, you are obliged to report this in advance to your appointment. In order to be able to control the number of patients present in our premises, we ask you to arrive shortly in advance, but on time. Unfortunately, if you arrive late, the appointment cannot take place.

Mouth cap required
Wearing a nose and mouth cap is mandatory for all visitors to our premises. People who do not do this will be addressed by our employees and will still be offered a mouth cap. If they refuse this, employees may deny access to the building.

Keeping hygiene and distance
You should disinfect your hands before and after a visit to Jan van Goyen. Disinfectant material is available at all entrances and exits for this. We try to plan appointments in such a way that the 1,5 m distance can be guaranteed. We ask you to pay attention to this yourself and to follow the instructions of the hostess / host.

Complaints? Contact us!
Unfortunately, if you have a fever or complaints such as cough, shortness of breath or a cold, the appointment cannot take place and we will look at the possibilities for planning a new appointment together. You can reach us on 020-305 58 00. You will be asked again at the door if you have any complaints.

Existing and new appointments
Has your appointment been canceled before and you don't have a new appointment yet? Our employees will contact you as soon as possible to make a new appointment. Please note: there is a large backlog in the ophthalmology outpatient clinic in particular. The patient appointments are prioritized on the basis of urgency. So it may take a little longer before you can be scheduled. We ask for your understanding for this.
Where possible, appointments are still held by telephone/digital as much as possible.

Do you have questions?

Please contact our employees on: 020-305 58 00.

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