Medical Center Jan van Goyen stops with outpatient clinic Gynecology

Medical Center Jan van Goyen stops with outpatient clinic Gynecology

The Gynecology outpatient clinic of Medical Center Jan van Goyen will close as of June 1, 2021.

What does this mean to you? 
All appointments will remain in place until June 1. If you want to make an appointment after June 1, you can contact Dr. van der Wijden or Drs. Vander Heemst. They have both been working at Gynecology Amsterdam from 1 June. You can also choose to make an appointment at another healthcare institution.

All patients involved will receive a personal message.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the back office department on 020 – 3055 800. 

Contact information Gynecology Amsterdam
WG Square 250-251, 1054 SE Amsterdam
T: 020 – 2805579 | E:

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