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Cake for diamond status Qualicor

Quality certificate DIAMANT for Jan van Goyen

Medical and Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen has obtained the DIAMANT quality certificate from Qualicor Europe. That means that Jan…

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No ultrasounds and X-rays possible on Friday, October 27

Due to maintenance work, it will not be possible to take ultrasounds and x-rays with us on Friday, October 27. …

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Fax machine

Faexit: abolish fax

Medical Center and Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen will say goodbye to the fax on 1 September. For the …

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illustration Lucas PGO on telephone

You can use your PGO at Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen

You can now also use your personal health environment (PHE) at Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen. A PGO is a…

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advice calcium vitamin d3

Advice users calcium & vitamin D3

As of January 1, 2023, calcium and vitamin D supplements are no longer reimbursed by the health insurer. Many patients with…

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What should my treatment plan look like 1

February 13 webinar for osteoporosis patients

On Monday evening, February 13, The Osteoporosis Association is organizing a webinar especially for osteoporosis patients. In the webinar 'How should my…

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on holiday with diabetes

Going on holiday with diabetes: how do I ensure proper preparation?

We all go away for a day, on vacation or on a business trip. Traveling for people with diabetes…

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Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen

A look behind the scenes of our Aesthetic Center? Come to the beauty event on June 25!

Have you always wanted to know more about botox and fillers? Or have you been toying with the thought for some time…

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Stolpersteine placed in sidewalk Jan van Goyenkade 1

Monday, May 2, two stolpersteine were placed in the sidewalk in front of Jan van Goyenkade 1. Recently Mrs. Colland ...

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Lab request will be sent digitally from now on

From now on, patients who take blood samples at MC JvG and OLVG no longer need to bring a paper lab form. The…

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Waiting room 01

Are you the communication professional who will join our team?

For our Aesthetic Center we are looking for a communication employee to strengthen our Marketing and Communication department. ...

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patient portal website 1024x697 1

New: MijnJvG, access to your medical file anytime, anywhere

As of today, Jan van Goyen will work with a new patient portal! As a patient of the Medical and/or Aesthetic Center Jan…

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8091 980x663 1 e1648737460856

Medical Center Jan van Goyen stops with outpatient clinic Gynecology

The Gynecology outpatient clinic of Medical Center Jan van Goyen will close as of June 1, 2021. What does this mean for…

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Prof. dr. Dr. Nolst Trenité has been appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion

The ribbon rain around King's Day affects our Prof. Dr. Nolst Trenité this year. He was last Monday by mayor Femke …

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Cotton swabs 980x649 1

Using cotton swabs: dangerous or not?

It is very attractive to clean your ears with cotton swabs when they are dirty. Yet often…

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Wouter Mallee 1

I have flat feet, what can I do?

At the Jan van Goyen Medical Center we see patients with flat feet every day: feet with no or ...

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Michel vd Bekerom 980x667 1

Michel van den Bekerom appointed professor by special appointment of sports traumatology

Michel van den Bekerom, orthopedic surgeon at OLVG and Jan van Goyen Medical Center, was appointed …

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urticaria 980x653 1

Attention to urticaria (hives)

Urticaria is the medical term for hives or hives. It is a common skin reaction associated with…

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eczema itching 980x653 1

September 14: World Eczema Day

Today is World Eczema Day. Eczema is a collective term for skin conditions characterized by a red, dry…

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Sunscreen 980x653 2

What you (probably) didn't know about sun damage

Skin cancer is one of the most common skin diseases in the Netherlands and the most common form of cancer. Many Dutch people …

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new coronavirus in china

The coronavirus and your appointment at Jan van Goyen Medical Center

The health of our patients and employees is paramount at Jan van Goyen Medical Center. That's why we follow it…

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jvg postcard relocation

As of March 16, location change for three outpatient clinics

The building of the Jan van Goyen Medical Center at 42 Emmastraat will soon be renovated. For this reason …

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new coronavirus in china

Frequently asked questions coronavirus – update 15-03 16:34

We can well imagine that you have questions about the coronavirus. On this page we answer…

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new coronavirus in china

Coronavirus (COVID-19): measures in Jan van Goyen

In December, a new type of coronavirus broke out in China. The virus has now also appeared in the Netherlands. Read …

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Sleep Apnea JVG

Peter about his sleep apnea: 'My snoring was a big annoyance to my wife every night.'

Peter Dekker (38), sleep apnea patient at Jan van Goyen: 'For anyone who is in doubt, I say: do it!' “My snoring was…

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Steve de Castro

We all have hemorrhoids

dr. Steve de Castro: 'Taboo should be broken' 'About one in four Dutch people has to deal with …

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niaz result certificate

NIAZ grants accreditation status to Medical and Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

On Friday 22 November, Hemma Honders, director of the Medical and Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen, has the most important quality mark for …

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Shoulder luxation

Dislocated shoulder: how come and how do you get rid of it?

You see it regularly on sports fields; someone walks off the field with a shrug. …

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jvg sunscreen

Dermatologist Bas Wind about sunscreens

Now what's true about sunscreens? Is factor 50 the ultimate or is a sunscreen with factor 30 also sufficient? …

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Trins vd Linden

Big sister is watching you: E-health program for diabetes patients

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in our country. No less than 1 in 14 Dutch people…

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JVG 30 years 1024x576 1

Medical and Aesthetic Center 30 years

Jan van Goyen Medical and Aesthetic Center is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. In the past thirty years,…

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Blog HestervanMonsjou earwax

How dirty is it to share music earplugs?

This question was presented to our ENT doctor Hester van Monsjou by VICE for the column 'I'm asking this for a…

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itching 768x448 1

Should I be concerned if my head is constantly itching?

“The moment your scalp itching interferes with your daily life, you go to the doctor. For example if…

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Esther Moerman 1024x1024 1

Introducing: plastic surgeon Esther Moerman

Fiddling together, tinkering, working with her hands. It was early in plastic…

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deodorant spray 1 1024x683 1

Dermatologist Annelinde Terlou about aluminum in deodorant

“When you use an aluminum-free deodorant, the sweat glands in your armpits are not blocked. These products often contain…

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self-tanner 1024x680 1

Dermatologist Bas Wind about the self-tanner

Self-tanners have not been proven to be harmful to your skin. However, it is advisable to use…

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IrisWentholt 1024x700 1

What about really… the thyroid gland

Want to know everything about the thyroid gland? Our internist-endocrinologist Iris Wentholt explains to VROUW.NL what a thyroid does and which…

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best 1 150x150 1

Jan van Goyen scores high in the 'Best clinics 2018' survey

Elsevier Weekblad recently conducted a comparative study among 231 private clinics. Jan van Goyen scored very high here…

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thumbs up 1006176 960 720

Patients rate Jan van Goyen with an 8.3.

Medical Center Jan van Goyen would like to know how its patients experience the quality of care. This is annually…

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Poster with logos 002 320x450 1

Skin cancer day: are you coming?

The Skin Cancer Day will take place on Saturday 2 June. The purpose of this day is to make people more aware of…

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