Anesthesiology at Jan van Goyen Medical Center

Anesthesiology​ at Medical Center Jan van Goyen

During the preoperative consultation with the anaesthesiologist, we assess your physical condition and which type of anaesthesia will be most suitable for you. We will also inform you the use of medication and about not eating and drinking before surgery.

Pre-operative consultation

The preoperative consultation hours are on Wednesday from 8:30 to 17:00 hours. We will ask you to bring your personal medication record. More information can be found in our brochures under the tab ‘Brochures’ on this page.

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Jan van Goyenkade 1
1075 HN Amsterdam

Call us for an appointment 020 – 305 58 72

You can call for an appointment from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

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