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Dermatology at Jan van Goyen Medical Center

Dermatology is a medical specialist area that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems and diseases as well as with venereal diseases. Most skin diseases or problems can be treated well and relatively quickly in our outpatient clinic.

When do you go to the dermatology outpatient clinic?

You can visit the Dermatology outpatient clinic for many different skin problems and venereal diseases:

Cosmetic Dermatology

Many skin discomforts are not medically serious, but are very disturbing cosmetically. Did you know that we also carry out cosmetic dermatological treatments?

Our specialists

We strive to always have your appointments with the same dermatologist. You can ask for it if necessary. In the event of an operation, your own dermatologist also performs the operation and also provides aftercare. Since we are not a training hospital, you will not see an intern or doctor / specialist in training

Experiences with the dermatology outpatient clinic

Making and reschedule appointments went smoothly. The appointment itself went smoothly and pleasantly. Diagnosis was quick and apparently clear to the dermatologist quickly. Pleasant contact and decisive.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Having a mole on the face removed by Dr. A Terlou, is no longer visible. Very well done.
Professional and expert doctors at the Dermatology outpatient clinic and other staff. Take enough time and explain a lot. Had nice impressions.

Visiting address

99 Lairessestraat
1071 NX Amsterdam

Call us for an appointment 020 – 305 58 45

You can call for an appointment from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

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