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As the name implies, the throat, nose and ear doctor (ENT specialist) is concerned with the treatment of diseases of the throat, nose and ears, but also abnormalities of the rest of the head and neck area, such as growths of the face, neck, snoring or trouble sleeping. The ENT doctors also perform operations and outpatient treatments. An experienced audiometrist also works at the ENT outpatient clinic.

You can contact us for an investigation of:

The signs and symptoms that arise from varicose veins depend on the stage in which the veins are located.

Complaints can be, for example:

More information about the various syndromes can be found on the information page of the Dutch Throat-Nose-Earology Association


When we have clearly identified your complaints, further ENT examination is carried out: the ear is examined with a microscope, the nose and throat are inspected with a head lamp and with the help of a few instruments and the neck is examined for enlarged lymph nodes and any other differences. In some cases, such as with hoarseness complaints, a flexible laryngoscopy can additionally be examined. In this examination, a thin tube with a camera is inserted through the nose so that it is also possible to look deeper into the throat.

In addition to the general ENT examination, we can also conduct research such as:

  • allergy testing
  • hearing tests
  • home sleep registration or polysomnography
  • sleep study under sedation

Jan van Goyen Medical Center also has an excellently equipped laboratory. Ultrasound examination of the neck or salivary glands may also be performed. For additional diagnostics or treatments that we do not have available, you can quickly contact the OLVG.

Our specialists

We strive to always have your appointments with the same dermatologist. You can ask for it if necessary. In the event of an operation, your own dermatologist also performs the operation and also provides aftercare. Since we are not a training hospital, you will not see an intern or doctor / specialist in training


After the ENT doctor has made the diagnosis, you will receive an explanation about the possible condition and the treatment options will be discussed with you. A treatment plan will be drawn up together with you, which may consist of medication, a minor procedure, surgery or referral.

Interventions and treatments performed by the ENT doctors in the MC JvG are:

  • placing tubes in adults
  • staunch or burn nosebleeds
  • go through tongue tie that is too short children or adults
  • remove small skin or mucosal abnormalities.
  • sleep endoscopies
  • nose operations
  • remove facial skin tumors

Some procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic, but the MC JvG also has the option of performing an operation under anesthesia in the operating room.

Why go to Jan van Goyen Medical Center?

The ENT doctors in the Jan van Goyen Medical Center distinguish themselves from other ENT doctors in Amsterdam and its surroundings because:

  • we have very short waiting times;
  • you always see the same ENT doctor;
  • we work closely with the OLVG (both West and East);
  • we have both an ENT specialist who specializes in sleep-related breathing disorders and one who specializes in facial surgery;
  • hearing tests can be performed on location;
  • we offer sleep registrations (to exclude sleep apnea for example), where you sleep at home;
  • we try to ensure that you undergo the sleep registration within two weeks of a visit to your ENT doctor;
  • many languages speaking ENT doctors work with us;
  • we can perform some procedures on location.
Short waiting times

We strive for short access times for making an appointment at the outpatient clinic, as well as for a hearing test, sleep registration or surgery. If an operation cannot be performed at the Jan van Goyen Medical Center due to circumstances, you can undergo surgery at the OLVG. Our ENT doctors also work here.

You will always find the same ENT Doctor

We strive to ensure that you always see the same ENT doctor in the outpatient clinic. You can ask about this if necessary. In the event of an operation, your own ENT doctor also performs the operation and also provides aftercare. Sometimes the ENT doctor advises to make an appointment with another ENT doctor because he or she is specialized in your condition. Since we are not a teaching hospital, you will not see a doctor or specialist in training.

Collaboration OLVG

The Jan van Goyen Medical Center is part of the OLVG (both West and East).
In addition, our doctors also work at the OLVG.


dr. Vermeeren has specialized in facial surgery and rhinology. The focus area of Dr. van Monsjou, Dr. Hoffmans and Dr. Nyst is ear surgery.

Hearing test on location

The hearing tests can be performed on Tuesdays. They are not performed by the doctor's assistant, but by an experienced hearing care professional. The examination takes about half an hour and consists of an extensive tone and speech audiogram with masking and possibly additional tests. If possible, we always try to combine an initial consultation for hearing impairment with a hearing test.

Sleep registration at home

If there is an indication for a sleep study in connection with a suspected sleep-related breathing disorder, you do not have to sleep in the hospital at Jan van Goyen Medical Center. A nurse will visit you to confirm the measuring equipment and associated sensors. You can sleep in your own bed at home and the equipment will be collected the next day.

Sleep registration within two weeks

Shortly after your visit to the ENT specialist, you will be contacted by telephone to schedule an appointment for the examination. A report will be sent to your doctor within a few days of the examination. We aim to complete all this within 2 weeks.

Languages doctors

Our doctors understand you and can assist you in Dutch, English, French and German.

Experiences with the ENT outpatient clinic

“I arrived very nervous at this appointment and was treated so well from start to finish. Despite masks (corona), everyone smiled clearly. Dr Monsjou was very nice and professional and during the treatment, where you get a tube through your nose, she was so empathetic and explained everything so calmly that I became very calm.'
'Doctor L Vermeeren is a very knowledgeable doctor and I am very satisfied with the surgery I had last year.'
dr. Monsjou is a very pleasant doctor, a good listener. Even in times of Corona she takes the trouble to keep in touch, to hear if I'm doing well. I'm very satisfied!

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