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Physiotherapy at Medical Center Jan van Goyen

The orthopedic surgeons regularly have combined consultation hours with the physiotherapists in order to quickly arrive at an adequate treatment plan. If necessary, X-rays are first taken. After that you will have an intake with the physiotherapist and you will be examined. The physiotherapist will discuss his findings with the orthopedist and then they will tell you together which treatment options are available for you.

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Jan van Goyenkade 1
1075 HN Amsterdam

Call us for an appointment T: 020 – 3055 817

You can call for an appointment from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an appointment with the physiotherapist alone. If you wish, we recommend that you contact your general practitioner.

The physiotherapist works at the Jan van Goyen Medical Center together with the orthopedic surgeon. In this way they can help you in a good way and draw up a treatment plan.

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