Ophthalmology outpatient clinic

Ophthalmology at Jan van Goyen Medical Center

You can make an appointment with our ophthalmology department for eye problems that the general practitioner or the optician cannot solve. Our ophthalmologists specialize in the treatment of cataracts, increased eye pressure (glaucoma), retinal abnormalities (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy), eyelid surgery and diseases of the conjunctiva and cornea.

When do you visit the ophthalmology clinic?

Our ophthalmologists are specialised in the treatments of:

  • cataract
  • increased eye pressure (glaucoma)
  • retinal abnormalities (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy)
  • diseases of the conjunctiva and cornea
  • placement of toric lenses
  • driver’s licence checkup

Your visit

  • For certain tests it is necessary that we first give you some eye drops. These drops will dilate your pupils and your vision will become blurry. This also means that you will not be able to drive immediately afterwards.
  • Your appointment will take about an hour on average.
  • Please make sure that you bring your glasses and/or contact lenses.


When you visit MC Jan van Goyen for the first time we will register you as a patient, but you are responsible for a correct registration. This is important for a proper administration and payment of the invoices. You need to bring the following documents for the registration:

  •  valid identification document: ID, passport, or driver’s licence;
  •  valid insurance policy/card;
  •  referral letter from your GP;
  •  up-to-date list of medications you use.


Our specialists

We strive to always have your appointments with the same ophthalmologist. You can ask for it if necessary. Even in the event of an operation, your own ophthalmologist will perform the operation and also provide aftercare. Since we are not a teaching hospital, you will not see an intern or doctor/specialist in training. 

Ophthalmology FAQ

Yes, your treatment will not be reimbursed by your health insurer without a valid referral from your general practitioner or other medical specialist.

Please note that a consultation takes approximately 80 minutes.

For an eye exam, you will be given drops that dilate the pupils. These drops have an effect on your vision for 2-24 hours. The drops make it more difficult to focus and reduce your tolerance to light. It is therefore advisable not to come with your own transport.

Yes, to properly perform an eye examination, contact lenses must be removed. It is advisable to come to your appointment with adjusted glasses.

You can use a request a copy of your file with a completed authorization form and a valid proof of identity.

For a repeat prescription you can call our referral line (020 3055 807) or fill in the form on the website.


Is the clinic accessible for the disabled? Yes, our clinic is accessible with a lift for the disabled. Please note that you must be able to sit in our treatment chair to be able to examine your eyes.

No, we only treat patients from the age of 18. For the treatment of children you can go to a hospital of your choice.

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Call us for an appointment T: 020 – 305 58 00

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