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About us

Jan van Goyen Medical Center is a treatment center with various specialisms.

Treatment center

Jan van Goyen Medical Center is a treatment center with various specialisms. You can count on us for high-quality care where you are central. Without long waiting lists. MC Jan van Goyen has contracts with almost all health insurers. You can simply declare the majority of the treatments at your health insurer. Thanks to our unique location, we are a household name in Amsterdam; thousands of patients find their way to our beautiful buildings in Oud-Zuid every year. We treat patients from the age of 16. The ENT and Dermatology outpatient clinics are an exception to this, they also treat patients under the age of 16.

What do we stand for

The Jan van Goyen Medical Center employs specialists who attach great importance to quality and personal attention. We stand for healthy business operations in a homely environment with short waiting times and a personal approach. Specialists and employees are inspired to get the best out of themselves. Our specialists treat without physician assistants, quickly, well and personally. They know who they are operating on, what a patient wants and treat that patient the way they want to be treated. Fast, friendly and professional.

Multidisciplinary approach

The specialists in the medical center work multidisciplinary if necessary. This means that several specialists consult with each other to arrive at the best treatment for a patient. This makes the highest possible form of insured care possible, both in the medical field and in an efficient infrastructure.


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