Management, supervision, employee participation

The patient is central in a constantly changing environment.

Management, supervision, employee participation

Jan van Goyen Medical Center has its statutory (and de facto) registered office in Amsterdam, at Jan van Goyenkade 1.


The statutory director of MC Jan van Goyen is the OLVG Foundation represented by Board of Directors of the OLVG.

The Supervisory Board OLVG also supervises MC Jan van Goyen.

Managing board

The day-to-day management of the organization is led by general manager H. Honders.

Works Council
The Works Council (OR) consists of employees who, on behalf of the staff of MC Jan van Goyen, consult with the employer about company policy and personnel interests. The rights and obligations of the Works Council are laid down in the Works Councils Act (WOR).

The Works Council has powers and responsibilities that are described in the Works Councils Act. In addition, the Working Conditions Act and the Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitals, among others, grant powers to the Works Council. Consultations are held on behalf of the employees with the director and management about the general organizational interests and the interests of the employees in particular.

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Medical staff
The board represents the members of the medical staff.

The aim of the entire medical staff is to ensure responsible medical treatment of patients jointly and under common responsibility. All members meet 4 times a year for cross-group matters such as; discuss medical protocols, quality and safety related topics and other healthcare related matters. The board meets monthly with the management. The group IFMS (peer evaluation) is used to evaluate the professional functioning of the medical specialists.

Medical Staff Board
The board represents the members of the medical staff. The staff board meets monthly with the management.

Members of the board are:

dr. A. Vlug, internist-endocrinologist

drs. WPR Melman, orthopedic surgeon (secretary)
dr. SMM de Castro, surgeon (treasurer)
Dr. HS van Monsjou, ENTdoctor
Dr. JMG Florisson, plastic surgeon
Dr. C. Vlijmen, vascular surgeon
dr. P. Tan, radiologist

Patient Council
The common interests of all patients of MC Jan van Goyen are represented by the patient council OLVG. The council provides both solicited and unsolicited advice to the directors of our organisation.

The patient council exerts influence on policy in which the following aspects are of great importance:

  • quality and safety of care
  • treatment and equality of the patient
  • empathy with the patient

In this way, the council tries to influence the policy and culture of the institution in such a way that the patient is central in a constantly changing environment. The patient council derives its raison d'être and powers from the Participation Clients Care Institutions Act 1996 (Wmcz).

The patient council focuses on the general interest of patients and their relatives. Individual complaints from patients are handled by the complaints officer.

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