Our doctors, specialists and nurses give interviews on request and regularly appear in the media.

Radio 538 | Dec 2021
Frank Dane calls Dr. Krijnen in the 538 Morning Show

Pregnant together | October 2021
Quickly recovered after varicose vein treatment | April 2020
dr. Meesters: 'Start the conversation about diabetes and Ramadan yourself'

ForYou Magazine | August 2019
Smear smear smear!

Vice | April 2019
How dirty is it to share your music earbuds?

Vice | March 2019
Should I be concerned if my head is constantly itching? | September 2018
Aluminum in deodorant: 5 questions | August 2018
Self-tanner: how do you use it and are there any risks?

VROUW.NL | June 2018
What about really…THE THYROID?

Glamor | Jan-Feb 2018

The Waiting Room, Het Parool | December 16, 2017
Hypermobility – Overly elastic connective tissue

The Waiting Room, Het Parool | Dec 9, 2017
Heel spurs – a painful growth

My Health Guide (published by Pulse Media Group) | September 2, 2017
All care for people with skin cancer under one roof

Attachment Trouw | June 30, 2017
All care for people with skin cancer under one roof 

Pregnant together | May 2017
The doctors of EC JvG about varicose veins during pregnancy

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