Feedback from patient satisfaction survey (PTO)

Feedback from patient satisfaction survey (PTO)

At Jan van Goyen we are continuously working to improve our quality of care. We do this, among other things, by asking patients how they experienced our care through a patient satisfaction survey.

8.5 for total impression of MC Jan van Goyen

The patients completed the questionnaire and gave an 8.5 for their overall impression of MC Jan van Goyen. A nice compliment to the employees of MC Jan van Goyen. Patients indicate that they choose Jan van Goyen because of the short waiting times and the expertise of our doctors. The medical expertise of the doctors is assessed with an 8.9.

Points of attention

The provision of information about the treatment, the friendliness on reception and on the telephone and the accessibility by telephone are points of attention. Improvement actions have been set out for this.

The results of the patient satisfaction survey are periodically reported to management and discussed in work meetings. This way we continue to improve ourselves continuously.

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