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The Pain Management department at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen has many years of experience in the treatment of people who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 3 to 6 months. Some of the anaesthesiologists within our department fully focus on the aspect of pain relief. They have extensive experience in the application of nerve blocks that offer pain relief and which are given in a comfortable environment, at short notice and with the use of the latest equipment.


Pain is a reaction to tissue damage and thus has a warning function. But sometimes, the pain remains for a longer period of time; it becomes chronic and loses its warning function. Pain relief treatments are aimed at taking away the cause of the pain or, when this is not possible, we treat the pain as a symptom.

When do you go to the pain clinic?

You can visit the pain clinic if you suffer from:

  • Headaches: cervicogenic headaches (radiating from the cervical spine), posttraumatic pains (whiplash), some cases of migraine.
  • Cluster headache (Horton syndrome) 
  • Facial pain
  • Neck pain with or without radiation to an arm
  • Pains originating from the chest
  • Back pain, lumbago, and sciatica
  • Persistent pain after Shingles (herpes zoster) 


Additional to treatments such as physiotherapy or medication, chronic pain can also be relieved by means of a nerve block. With a nerve block, a small interruption is created in a nerve, a ganglion, or nerve cord which ensures that the chronic pain can no longer reach the central nervous system and the pain is no longer felt.

After treatment

After the treatment, you will remain in the ward for at least 30 minutes under the supervision of a nurse. You will receive aftercare advice from the nurse. You cannot participate in traffic independently after the treatment. After 7 to 8 weeks there is a (telephone) checkup appointment.

What treatment options are there?

There are different types of treatments available to manage your pain. Not every treatment is suitable for every patient. Which treatment your doctor proposes depends on your situation. In general, there are three types of treatments.

  • Treatment by the pain specialist
    After the intake, the treatment will be agreed with you. The pain specialist explains what the Therapy contents, what the side effects and complications are. Treatment takes place under strict quality requirements.
  • Pharmacological treatment
    In some cases it appears during the intake that treatment by the pain specialist is not possible or desirable, then a choice can be made for drug treatment.
  • TENS treatment
    TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro Stimulation. With this treatment, the pain is reduced with the help of pulsating electrical currents. This is done via a small portable device. This is connected to electrodes that are stuck to the skin. The TENS treatment can ensure that:
    – The pain nerves will work less well.
    – The nerve pathways that ensure that the pain is felt less will actually work better.
    The body will make more endorphins. This is a substance with analgesic effect.
    TENS is a form of pain relief. It cannot remove the cause of the pain, but it can reduce it. The degree of pain relief during and after using TENS varies from person to person. 

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