Current medication overview

As of October 1, we will actively ask for your current medication overview.

Current medication overview

The current medication overview (AMO); bring it for your own safety

As of October 1, we will actively ask for your current medication overview. You are obliged to show this to your attending physician. Read below what is expected of you and of the healthcare institution.

What is an AMO?

AMO stands for current medication overview. It is therefore an overview of the medicines you are currently taking. What medicines do you take and in what dosage?

Why an AMO?

Pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare providers are not yet able to exchange data electronically. If your doctor wants to prescribe medicines, he/she will read in your AMO which medicines you are already taking. In this way we prevent you from being prescribed medicines that do not combine well with others.

How do I get my AMO?

Your pharmacist can print out a medication overview for you. Tell your pharmacist what medicines you are taking, with or without a prescription. Also think of: Ibuprofen, Miconazole creams or St. John's wort. Also report allergies.

Your doctor will then discuss the overview with you to check whether the information on the overview is correct.

I got new meds. How do I get a custom AMO?

Your medication use may have changed during your hospitalization or outpatient visit. Upon discharge or after the consultation, have your pharmacist record changes to medication or new data in your overview.

When do I take my AMO with me?

Make sure you always have the overview with you. You are required to show a medication overview to your attending physician before he/she writes out a new prescription. Even in unexpected situations it is necessary to have insight into your current medication use. You should also take it with you to your appointment with the specialists, the general practitioner and the dentist.

How long is your AMO valid for?

The document is valid for a maximum of three months and must be resubmitted in the meantime if the medication is changed. Your pharmacy can provide the current medication overview.

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