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You can formulate a comment or complaint about all matters at Jan van Goyen about which you are dissatisfied.


Filing a complaint

We hope that you are satisfied with our care and services. However, a visit to our medical centre may be different than you expected or desired. When something happens which makes you dissatisfied with us, please do not hesitate to let us know. We advise you to first discuss your issue or complaint with the person it concerns or whoever is responsible. This allows us to search for a solution right away. Should this mutual consultation not give the desired result, or you find it difficult to discuss the matter, then you can contact our Complaints and Mediation desk. You can also contact this desk when a conversation with the person it concerns has not led to a satisfying solution. The Complaints and Mediation desk works independently and can help you to find the right way to handle your complaint.

About what can you file a complaint?

You can formulate a remark or complaint about anything you are dissatisfied with at Jan van Goyen; about the procedure, the care in general, personal treatment, information supply, or the way our care is organised.

Who can file a complaint?

You can file a complaint as a patient of the Jan van Goyen centre. Complaints can also be filed by legal representatives and the next of kin of a deceased patient. Other people can only file a complaint with your consent. We will not handle anonymous complaints as we will be unable to assess the situation of the complaint it concerns.

Mediation in case of complaints

During mediation by our Complaints and Mediation desk, you can explain in which manner our care has been lacking or has failed in any other way, while the staff member it concerns will also be given the opportunity to give an explanation. This can be done in the following ways:

  • the complaints officer arranges a meeting between you and the staff member to whom your complaint is aimed. At the request of yourself or the staff member it concerns, the complaints officer can be present as an independent moderator;
  • the complaints officer consults the staff member it concerns and will provide you with an oral report;
  • the complaints officer informs the staff member it concerns about your complaint and requests the staff member to respond.

Handling by the complaints inquiry committee

When the mediation has not provided you with a satisfactory result, your complaint will be submitted to the Complaints Inquiry Committee (Klachtenonderzoekscommissie) which is supervised by an independent chairperson. The committee will investigate the events related to your complaint and inform itself and request a response from the staff member and/or head of the department relating to your complaint. When necessary, the Complaints Inquiry Committee will request you to give your consent to the committee to see your medical file. You may also be invited give a further oral explanation your complaint. Based on its findings, the committee will assess whether your complaint is justified or not. In its report, the Complaints Inquiry Committee will include advice to the management of Medical Centre Jan van Goyen. You will be informed about this by the Complaints Inquiry Committee in writing.

There is of course no cost to you for this procedure. Do you have questions about the complaints procedure? Please contact the complaints officer via


If you believe that any mistakes made during your care or treatment, which have resulted in damages to you and which may be attributed to Medical Centre Jan van Goyen, then you can hold Medical Centre Jan van Goyen liable for these damages.

You don’t agree with your invoice?

If you have any questions or complaints about the (amount of) your invoice, we advise you to contact your health insurer. Your health insurer may then contact the OLVG. If you still have any unanswered questions, then please contact our Finance department. The complaints officer can provide you with further information. Additional information about your invoice can be found at:

Health Care Inspectorate (IGJ)

More information about complaints about the delivered healthcare can be obtained via the website of the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate, choose menu 'burger counter'. You can also request the 'Notifications' folder via the IGJ. Dissatisfied with the health care provided'.

How to reach the complaints officer?

You can contact the complaints officer by email or letter. The information we need in any case is your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

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