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Photos, movies and sound recordings

You must consider the privacy of others.

Photos, movies and sound recordings

Filming, photographing and making sound recordings within the MC Jan van Goyen

If you want to film, photograph or make sound recordings within MC Jan van Goyen, you must take the privacy of others into account. You must always ask permission in advance from the people you photograph, film or record and indicate what you will do with the photo, film or sound recording. If someone refuses permission or if someone is unable to give permission, you are not allowed to take pictures or recordings of that person. You are also not allowed to take pictures or recordings of children.

External publication is only permitted with written permission from our communications department, which you can reach at

Record the conversation with your doctor/caregiver

During an interview in the hospital you often have to process a lot of information. That is why it can be nice to make an audio recording of the conversation with your doctor/care provider, so that you can listen back to it at home. For example, if you have to make choices about your treatment or if you find it difficult to maintain your concentration.

Would you like to make an audio recording of the conversation? In that case, always indicate this to the doctor/care provider prior to the consultation.

You can then make agreements about the recording together, such as what exactly will be recorded and whether it is useful to record the entire conversation, part of the conversation or just a summary at the end of the conversation.

The recording may only be used within your private circle. It is not permitted to make the recording public and to share it (online) with a wider audience, for example via social media, without the permission of your doctor/care provider.

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