House rules and code of conduct

For your and our safety we apply rules of conduct

House rules and code of conduct

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen will do its utmost to provide you with excellent care and services. This also means that we set great store by mutual respect. For your and our own safety, we observe certain house rules and a code of conduct which is based on: disrespectful behaviour = unacceptable behaviour.

Examples of undesirable behavior are:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Intimidating Language
  • Threat
  • Unwanted intimacies
  • Discrimination
  • Physical violence
  • Weapons
  • alcohol and drugs
  • Theft and vandalism etc.

If you behave in an unacceptable manner, we can deny your access to our centre. In addition, unwanted or unacceptable behaviour may lead to criminal or civil legal procedures. Criminal or civil offences will be reported to the police. We retain the right to charge you with any costs resulting from theft or vandalism.

Our house rules:

Identification requirement
Patients and visitors must be able to show a means of identification. This is a statutory obligation which is also necessary with regard to the patient’s (correct) medical procedure.

Data provision
To register patients quickly and correctly, all patients need to give their health insurance card and/or identification document, as well as their address and contact details to the reception desk staff as and when requested.

Medical statement
Patients do not receive a medical certificate / doctor's certificate from our specialists. This is in accordance with the rules of the KNMG. you read there here more about.

In the Jan van Goyen Medical Center everyone treats each other with respect.

Patients receive information about the course of the treatment and possible waiting times.

Visiting hours
Visitors adhere to the visiting times and the number of allowed visitors to the recovery ward where a patient is located.

Be aware of each other
Visitors take into account patients who come here for treatment.

No one makes hurtful, discriminatory, insulting or sexually explicit comments.

Undesirable behavior
Employees call in emergency services if someone makes threats or uses physical violence.

Dangerous Items
If we notice that someone is in possession of weapons and/or other dangerous objects, they will be confiscated.

Theft and destruction
In the event of theft or destruction of property of patients, visitors, supervisors, the center or its employees, we always call in the police.

alcohol and drugs
We refuse access to escorts or visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Compliance with agreements
We are doing everything we can to maintain the house rules. If the agreements are not complied with by visitors and/or patients, a warning will first follow. In extreme cases, someone will be officially denied access to our medical center.

We record an official warning or the denial of access in the medical file. In addition, we register violations of our house rules in our central incident reporting system.

If you notice a violation of the house rules, do not hesitate to report it to one of our employees. After all, we create a pleasant environment together.

Image & sound recordings 
In order to guarantee the privacy of patients and employees, prior permission and guidance from our communication department is required for making recordings in and around the building of the Jan van Goyen Medical Center. Recordings are understood to mean all forms of sound and/or image recording.

More information
For further information about the house rules, please contact the general affairs manager.

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