Personal health environment (PHE)

Personal health environment (PHE)

Dutch healthcare institutions are working together to enable the digital exchange of health information. Medical Center Jan van Goyen is also participating in this. On this page you can read more about the benefits of digital data exchange via a personal health environment (PHE).

All your health information in one place

Currently, information about your health is stored in several places. For example, your GP has an overview of your health complaints, the pharmacist manages your medication overview and you keep track of the number of steps taken during the day. It would be easier for you and for the various healthcare institutions if this information is together and can be exchanged. This is now possible with one personal health environment (PHE).

What is a PGO?

A PHE is an app or website in which you can keep digital information about your health. A PHE is different from our patient portal MijnJvG, in which you can only view the medical data that Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen has about you. In a PHE you will find information from all healthcare institutions where you are being treated and you can manage this. Here you will find the blood results from your GP, the vaccinations from the GGD and your medication overview from the pharmacy. It is also possible to add information yourself, such as allergies or your weight. With a PHE you therefore have control over your medical data. Watch the video below which explains what a PHE can do for you.

Choosing a PGO

There is not one PHE, in fact, many different suppliers offer a PHE. It can be quite difficult to make a choice. That is why the organization MedMij has made rules for the safe exchange of medical data. PHEs with a MedMij label follow these rules and therefore treat your data confidentially. There are 24 PHEs with a MedMij label. You can keep track of different data in each PGO. For example, heart rate measurements, or eating and sleeping habits. Choose a PHE that fits your situation well. If you find it difficult to make a choice, use the PGO comparator.

Is a PHE free?

Exchanging medical data in a PHE is free. A PHE provider can charge a (small) amount for additional functions. For example, for a medicine alarm clock. Or nutritional advice. This is always indicated.

From what age can I create an account with a PHE?

From the age of 16 you can create your own account with a PGO.

Who can view my PGO?

If a PHE has the MedMij label, you are the only one who has access to your data in the PHE.

How do I enter my medical data in my PHE?

Your healthcare provider's computer and the PHE you have chosen can connect securely via MedMij. It is important that they both have a MedMij label. Find your healthcare provider in your PGO. You can then put a copy of your medical data in the PGO.

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