Acne vulgaris, or simply acne, is the medical term for adolescent pimples. For some people, it is just a matter of a few pimples or blackheads. For others, unfortunately, it is a distinctive skin disorder that can cause a lot of psychological stress or problems. Acne is most common among people between the age of 15 and 25, but it can also appear earlier or at a later age.


Acne develops in the facial area and often on the back, shoulders, and chest as well. Another characteristic of acne is blackheads. Blackheads are accumulations of sebum that block the entrances of the sebaceous glands (the pores) which is visible as a black spot on the skin. Blackheads can get infected. Severe infections underneath the skin can leave disfiguring scars.


Acne cannot be cured instantly. It is a skin problem with a chronic character. Even the lighter forms of acne require a prolonged treatment. When possible, we can prescribe medication that will cause the skin to ‘calm down’ and stay calm. This also applies to the more severe forms of acne. Acne usually disappears in due course, but it can take a long time, which is why a treatment with medication, in the meantime, is often advised.

There is no standard treatment for acne. The severity of the condition, the symptoms, but also age and gender, determine which treatment your doctor recommends.


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