Buttock lift

During a buttock lift procedure, the excess skin and fat tissue are surgically removed via an incision on the lower back. This incision runs from hip to hip and can run, in some cases, on to the waist. This type of surgery improves the contours of the waist, hips, and buttocks. A downside of a buttock lift is that the procedure leaves a large scar. The scar will be below the so-called bikini line, but it will be visible. The visibility depends on how your body heals. A buttock lift can also be performed to improve the contours of the buttocks, hips, and waist when there are too large fat deposits on the buttocks and hips in combination with excess skin. When this is the case, the buttocks often have a square appearance. This procedure is combined with liposuction.

The operation

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and includes of the removal of excess buttock skin and, when present, excess fat tissue. In some cases, the procedure will also be combined with liposuction or lipofilling. The incision is done on the lower back, below the line of the waistband, or on the bottom side of the buttocks, depending on which method you and your attending surgeon have decided on. We use dissolvable stitches to close the incision. The procedure takes about two hours.

A buttock lift is a plastic surgical procedure. The operation is therefore performed by our plastic surgeons in our aesthetic center. You can find more information about this procedure here.

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