Cosmetic Dermatology

Many skin abnormalities are not serious, but are experienced as cosmetically disturbing. The dermatologist can treat blotchy skin, whether caused by freckles, age spots, pigmentation or pregnancy spots, with laser light or the flash lamp. Such cosmetic procedures are usually not reimbursed by the health insurance company.

Cosmetic Dermatology Price List

Benign conditions: including skin flaps, age warts and spider nevusBurn away/shaven€180.00 (per treatment)
Removal of benign molesshaven€75.00 (1 mole) - €225.00 (up to 3 moles) - €350.00 (> 3 moles) per treatment
Varicose veinsSee price list varicose veins
Excessive perspiration underarms/palmsbotox€500.00 (per treatment)
Excessive perspiration underarmsmiraDry€1.500,00
€1,000.00 follow-up treatment
Kenacort injectionInjection€150,00

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