Duplex Examination

Duplex examination is a combination of ultrasound and color Doppler of the veins. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves, and a color Doppler measures the flow rate of the blood. With this examination, it can be accurately examined in which veins the valves are or are not working properly.

The research

The examination takes approximately 30 minutes. A medical vascular laboratory technician or specialist carries out the examination. The examination is not painful. Any gel on your clothes can be washed off. There is no objection to carrying out this examination during a possible pregnancy, the examination is not harmful to the development of the unborn child.

How does a duplex examination proceed?

  • You take off your shoes, (top) pants and socks and stand on a platform.
  • You will be given gel at the site of the examination. We place a transducer on the gel, a kind of microphone that emits sound waves. These sound waves are converted into moving images. You see these images on the monitor.
  • First, we examine the inside of your leg, from the groin to the ankle.
  • Then we examine the back of your leg, from the back of the knee to the heel.
  • Sometimes we ask you to blow on the back of your hand and the examiner will also press your leg a few times. This is to properly assess the functioning of the valves in the veins.

The specialist will discuss the results with you immediately after the examination. You will then hear which treatment is suitable for you and who will do the treatment. We will make an appointment for you with a dermatologist or surgeon.


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