Elbow complaints

The elbow clinic (department of orthopedics) is for people with elbow complaints of all kinds. These are common complaints that have a major impact on the lives of patients. Most patients can be treated non-operatively with us.

To give every patient the best treatment, we work with an interdisciplinary team at Jan van Goyen Medical Center. In this team, a specialized physiotherapist focuses mainly on non-operative treatment and orthopedic surgeon Michel van den Bekerom especially on surgical treatments.

In practice we see that through this collaboration we can treat patients better at our own level. The treatment for your elbow will follow when we have discussed the various treatment options with you and together we have made a decision that suits your personal situation.


The best treatment starts with the best start and therefore the correct diagnosis. Our interdisciplinary team is highly experienced in the evaluation of elbow disorders. It may be that, provided this is organizationally feasible, another member of the team is asked to further coordinate treatment. If you are seen by the physician assistant and surgery appears to be the best treatment, the orthopedic surgeon will be involved.

Diagnosis and treatment process

Good elbow care requires a good diagnosis and a concrete evaluative treatment process in which the treatment goals and treatment agreements are determined together with you. We have an extensive network of professionals who deal with elbow complaints.

Complaints in your elbow?

Our team is happy to help you relieve your pain and improve your mobility.

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