Elbow complaints

The elbow clinic is there for people with elbow complaints of all kinds. These are common complaints with a major impact on the lives of patients. Most patients can be treated non-operatively. In order to give every patient the best treatment, we work with an interdisciplinary team at Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen. In this team, a specialized physiotherapist mainly focuses on non-operative treatment and an orthopedic surgeon Michel van den Bekerom especially on surgical treatments.

It is safe to say that the tennis elbow is a very common problem that has a big impact. To offer the best possible treatment, Medical Centre Jan van Goyen has joined the forces of physiotherapy and orthopaedics.


The best treatment begins with the best start. A proper treatment of the tennis elbow starts with a diagnosis that is made by the orthopaedic surgeon who has established his expertise in the diagnosing and treatment of elbow conditions. When the diagnosis is clear, the specialist, in consultation with you and the physiotherapist, will determine the best suitable treatment. Good elbow treatments require a concrete, evaluative treatment trajectory in which we will mutually determine the treatment goals and appointments.

Good elbow care requires a good diagnosis and a concrete evaluative treatment process in which the treatment goals and treatment agreements are determined together with you. We have an extensive network of professionals who deal with elbow complaints.

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