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There are many misunderstandings about facelifts. People often believe that a facelift will leave you with a sort of mask-like face. This is not true. Another common perception is that the characteristics of the face will change so much that you will get a completely different appearance. This is also not true. Most people will not even notice the changes in your face; what they will see is that you look better and more rested, as if you have been on a holiday.

What is done during a facelift?

During a facelift procedure, the soft parts of the facial skin are moved upwards to their original position. The creases and wrinkles become less pronounced and the jawline and contours of the neck improve. As the skin is tightened, wrinkles and creases will be reduced, but they cannot be removed completely. The wrinkles around the eyes and mouth will remain unchanged. To reduce these, other procedures are required, such as an eyelid correction and/or a CO2 laser treatment of the skin.

Classic facelift

With a limited, classic facelift, only the facial skin and the neck and the deeper, underlying muscular tissue layer (SMAS) are tightened. With the modern and more extensive facelift, the upper parts of the skin, as well as the SMAS, are first separated up to the jawline and to the level of the neck muscles, after which everything is pulled upwards. This results in a repositioning of all subcutaneous tissues. It also corrects the slackened muscles in the neck.

A facelift has no effect on the forehead. To correct wrinkles and creases in the forehead and nasal root, as well as for a correction of sagging eyebrows, we can perform forehead lift surgery.

The face lift is carried out in us Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen.

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