Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a treatment method that is used for superficial forms of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) and precancerous skin cancers (actinic keratoses and Bowen's disease). It is a kind of light therapy that destroys abnormal skin cells.

Treatment method photodynamic therapy

Ambulight is a portable device. It consists of one or more lights that are applied to the area to be treated. The lights are connected to the device that can be clipped to your clothing. In photodynamic therapy with the Ambulight, the skin is smeared with a light-sensitive cream at the site of the abnormal cells. In order for the light-sensitive cream to be well absorbed by the skin, the top layer of the skin is roughened in the area to be treated. If necessary, the skin is shaved. Then the skin is light-tight bonded. This ensures an optimal effect of the light-sensitive substance. The total treatment time is six hours. Three hours for the light-sensitive cream to take effect and three hours for the exposure itself.

How does it work?

The device is set to count down from three hours to zero first. After that, the light treatment is started automatically. The light destroys the skin cancer cells made sensitive by the ointment. You can simply move with the Ambulight PDT. You also do not have to stay in the center, but go home or work after confirmation of the lights. After a week, the treatment is usually repeated one more time.

Who is this treatment intended for?

This treatment method is applied to patients with non-melanoma skin cancer lesions, superficial basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis and Bowen's disease, who are less than 2.4 cm in diameter

In order to make the definitive diagnosis, a piece of skin is sometimes removed by the dermatologist, this is called a biopsy. The results will be in after about 10 days.

Benefits of Ambulight

  • is less painful
  • you don't have to stay in the hospital for hours, you can just go home or to work
  • is also suitable for people taking blood-thinning medicines
  • is generally well tolerated by patients
  • can be applied several times in succession without (increasing) health risks for skin or body
  • has good cosmetic results
  • there are no indications that the treatment is harmful to your health

After treatment

After the treatment you can detach the Ambulight yourself. You are requested to return the device to our center the next day.

For the first three months after treatment, protect the skin from sunlight with sunscreen factor 30 or higher.


The treated area becomes red after the treatment and gives a burning sensation. This is the most common side effect, especially during exposure patients suffer from it. If the burning sensation persists, you can take a Paracetamol for this. Temporary (light or dark) pigmentation spots may develop in the treated area. These usually disappear within six months.
For a superficial scrape or burn you can use a plaster. You may have to deal with superficial peeling, scabs, pus formation and swelling. In general, these complaints have completely disappeared after 10 to 14 days.


You will have a check-up appointment at the outpatient clinic three to six months after the treatment.


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