Hearing impairment

You can visit the ENT specialist for all ear complaints. These complaints can include:


Hearing loss or a hearing impairment can have a wide range of causes. When there is a loss of function of the inner ear or the auditory nerve, we speak of perceptive hearing loss. This is the type of hearing loss that is most common and can be caused by age-related hearing loss or by damages to the ear due to exposure to loud noises. Conductive hearing loss is caused by a loss of function of the eardrum or the ossicles. A hearing test can determine which form of hearing loss the patient suffers from and how this can be treated (for example by a hearing aid or a hearing improvement surgery).

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen has an experienced audiometrist and reliable hearing tests can be conducted in a special audio cabin.


Many people experience a sound in their ears, which is called tinnitus. The sound can range from a humming, roaring, beeping, or whistling sound. In some cases, a treatable cause can be identified but, unfortunately, there is no medical treatment possible in most cases. We will conduct a hearing test in order to make sure that a hearing loss is not the cause. The ENT specialist can also discuss certain options for support.


An ear canal infection is an inflammation of the skin inside the ear canal and it is often very painful. The ENT specialist will first exclude underlying causes and treat the problem with, for example, ear drops or an ear tampon.

A middle ear infection is an infection behind the eardrum, which regularly occurs with children and which is painful and causes a temporary hearing loss. When the middle ear contains fluids, without an infection, we speak of a glue ear. As this results in an inconvenient hearing loss, a prolonged situation like this can be the reason to place tympanostomy tubes.


When a person has protruding ears, the shape and size of the ears can be surgically corrected. This can be done from the age of six. Whether you receive a reimbursement for the surgery depends on your health insurance. When the procedure is not covered, you can make an appointment with Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen.

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