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Internal Bra (Breform)

Breform is a revolutionary, surgical breast support system in the shape of an internal bra. The Breform system is perfect for women who have medium-sized to large breasts and it was designed to reduce the sagging of breasts due to gravity, breastfeeding, and ageing.

After the surgery, the internal bra cannot be felt through the skin and feels entirely natural. The Breform internal bra can last a lifetime and will offer permanent support. This way, the breasts will not start to sag again. The Breform system is manufactured by Aspide Medical in France and is made of a polyester mesh. This material was meticulously analysed and studied after which it received a CE certification. The inert gauze material does not affect a mammographic screening. Possible other future surgical procedures caused by, for example, breast tumours, are also not inhibited by the Breform bra.

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