Male type of hair loss in women

Hair loss of the 'male type' (androgenetic alopecia) sometimes also occurs in women. This can be a very stressful condition. This form of hair loss is easy to treat in women who are not yet in the menopause.

What is it?

Every woman has, in addition to female, also male hormones (testosterone) in the blood. In some women, the hair roots are very sensitive to testosterone. This causes the hair to fall out in these women. We call this the male type of hair loss.


  • The hair roots (particularly on top of the head) are sensitive to elevated testosterone.
  • Hormone abnormalities. Then there are also other symptoms, such as irregular or missing periods and excessive hair. Only then will we do a hormone test.

Treatment of hair loss in women

Treatment of hair loss is often not possible in women during or after the menopause. Sometimes the doctor prescribes the drug Androcur. Even then, the chance that the treatment will work is small. Sometimes you will get Minoxidil lotion. This can inhibit hair loss and ensure the growth of small, fine hairs. It does not work for everyone and is not reimbursed by the health insurer.

Keep in mind that if you stop taking the product, the hair will still fall out. The doctor advises against long-term use of contraceptive pills (including Diane-35 and Minerva). You then have an increased risk of thrombosis and possibly breast cancer.


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