Removal of skin spots

The removal (excision) of skin spots is one of the most performed procedures to remove disturbing and/or disfiguring spots such as moles, warts, fibroids, etc. The spot is surgically removed and stitched.

The treatment starts with cleaning the area to be treated with a disinfectant. Your plastic surgeon then marks the area and gives a local anesthetic. The injection of the anesthetic fluid sometimes gives a somewhat burning sensation. The skin may swell slightly and become temporarily pale in color due to the injection. The area to be operated on is covered with a sterile cloth. The skin is incised along the marked area and the piece of skin is removed down to the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Any small bleeding vessels will burn the surgeon closed. The wound edges are then sutured or taped together. During the treatment you will feel that the plastic surgeon is busy, but you will not experience any pain.

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