Collaboration Medical Center Jan van Goyen and other organizations for people with HIV

Collaboration with general practitioners

Given the many facets of the problems of older people living with HIV, we believe that the GP is also playing an increasingly important role in the treatment and guidance of this group of patients. That is why we at MC Jan van Goyen have always strived to treat people with HIV in close consultation with the GP involved. Collaboration between general practitioners and HIV practitioners and specialist nurses has always played a very important role in the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre. Together with the HIV treatment provider and the nurses, the general practitioner forms a team that, together and in close consultation, takes care of the well-being of the HIV-infected patient. There is therefore very regular consultation between specialists and general practitioners who have many HIV-infected patients in their practice.

Collaboration between MC Jan van Goyen and other organizations for people with HIV

1. Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG)

Medical Center Jan van Goyen works very closely with OLVG. Every two weeks, HIV practitioners from the Jan van Goyen Medical Center attend a discussion about HIV patients in the OLVG. Recordings also take place in the OLVG.

There are various partnerships with OLVG departments, including: with the Department of Internal Medicine for admission facilities, the Clinical Chemical and Hematological Laboratory, the Microbiological Laboratory, the Pathological Laboratory and the hospital pharmacy. In addition, there is collaboration with the following specialisms in OLVG: Gastrointestinal and liver diseases, lung diseases, cardiology, surgery, neurology, orthopaedics, dermatology and radiology.

2. GGD Amsterdam

Medical Center Jan van Goyen works together with various practitioners from the STD outpatient clinic in Amsterdam. Marc van Wijk, the HIV nursing consultant, has worked for years at the GGD as a nurse at the STD clinic and as a research nurse for the Discover study (PrEP).

3. HIV Monitoring Foundation

The aim of the HIV Monitoring Foundation (SHM) is to contribute to the development of knowledge about HIV and the course of both treated and untreated HIV infection. A total of 25 HIV treatment centers approved by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport work together with the foundation to collect data from patients. This data is analyzed and used for scientific research. Every year around December 1 (World Aids Day), the foundation presents a scientific report with the latest findings. All HIV-infected patients are asked whether their data may be used anonymously for the SHM data collection.

4. Dutch Association of HIV Treaters (NVHB)

Goal of the association: to promote knowledge about HIV. The HIV practitioners at Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen are members of the association.
The association tries to achieve its goal by:

  • Promoting contacts between members
  • The organization of scientific meetings
  • Advising government institutions
  • Advising institutions in the field of health care
  • Maintaining international contacts with associations and institutions with similar objectives within and outside Europe

Scientific Research and Medical Ethics Committee

Medical Center Jan van Goyen has been participating in national and international scientific research in the field of HIV and AIDS for more than 10 years, together with the other HIV treatment centers in the Netherlands.

The Medical-Scientific Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO) prescribes that medical-scientific research involving humans requires a positive judgment from a recognized review committee before the research can be carried out. The scope of the WMO includes all medical scientific research in which people (subjects) are subjected to actions or a certain behavior is imposed on them.

All protocols of the scientific research carried out in MC JvG have been pre-assessed and approved by one of the recognized Medical-Ethical Review Committees (METC) in the Netherlands. The assessment of the local feasibility of multicenter trials is tested by the VCMO, where the OLVG is one of the participating centers.

Medical Center Jan van Goyen does not have its own Medical Ethics Committee. Jan van Goyen's medical management advises on the local feasibility of studies that have already been approved by a recognized committee.

Useful links

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  • HIV associationThe association exists for active advocacy, reliable and unbiased information provision, targeted prevention and mutual contact and support.
  • National Coordination Center for Traveler Advice: Information about the health aspects of traveling abroad. Here you can find out which vaccinations are required for a specific country.
  • AIDS fund: The Aids Fund has existed since 1985. The Aids Fund is there for everyone who has or may have to deal with HIV/AIDS or its consequences.
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