Throat complaints

The ENT clinic is where we see patients with various complaints of the throat, such as:


An acute inflammation of the tonsils often results in pain when you swallow and a fever. When these complaints occur several times a year, it may be wise to remove the tonsils.
Chronically infected tonsils in the throat can also give complaints such as bad breath, fatigue, and a reduced appetite. These complaints, depending on their severity, can also be a reason to remove the tonsils.

Lump in the throat

Many patients have the feeling that they have a lump in their throat, which is called the globus sensation. In most cases, this a benign problem. The ENT specialist will insert a thin tube with a flexible scope via the nose to see whether there are any visible defects in the throat.

For more information about the above-mentioned conditions and other throat problems, you can visit the website of the Dutch ENT Association .

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