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Medical Centre Jan van Goyen is a so-called external outpatient clinic of the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG). We charge under the same AGB code (register of healthcare providers) as the OLVG. This means that, to the health insurers, we are the OLVG.
This is probably because we are, in fact, an external outpatient clinic of the OLVG. We charge under the same AGB code (register of healthcare providers) as the OLVG. This means that, to the health insurer, we are the OLVG and they do not always recognise us by our own name. Nevertheless, we have contracts with all health insurers. You can inform your health insurer about this.
The statutory own contribution has been established at €385.-. When the first invoice of the year is received by the health insurer, the insurer will charge part of the costs to the patient. When the invoice was less than €385.-, the remaining deductible will be settled against the next invoic
A DBC (diagnosis/treatment combination) is opened when the patient has his or her first consultation with the specialist and it is closed upon completion of the treatment. The invoice will be sent when the DBC has been closed. When the treatment takes more than 120 days, the DBC will be closed after 120 days and a new (follow-up) DBC is opened.
In order to charge the costs to your health insurer, we need a referral letter from your GP or specialist. You can, however, make an appointment at your own initiative, but you will have to pay for any treatment yourself.

When you come to the centre for your first visit, you need to register at the reception desk. You are responsible for a correct registration as this is important for a proper processing and payment of the invoices.

For registration, please bring the following:
1. valid identification document: ID, passport, or driver’s licence;
2. valid insurance policy/card;
3. referral letter from your GP/specialist;
4. up-to-date list of medication you use.

Yes, we charge a fee for no-show stay away rate. If you do not show up for an appointment without canceling in time, this is very annoying. Someone else could have been helped at that moment. To compensate for the loss of time and to reduce the number of missed appointments, we apply a stay-away rate.

Is the answer to your question not listed? Then you can always contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you.

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