Effectively treat varicose veins

Effectively treat varicose veins

Do you regularly see patients with varicose veins? With current endovenous techniques (laser, RF, Clarivein), reimbursed by the health insurer, varicose veins can be treated effectively. Young people benefit from the prevention of worsening complaints and complications in the future and the elderly are protected from weekly bandaging for a venous leg ulcer.

The procedure takes up to 30-60 minutes, multiple veins can be treated in one session and daily activities can be resumed the same day.

The injections for the local anesthetic are also experienced as acceptable by anxious patients, with or without an oxazepam beforehand.

Autumn and winter are a suitable period to have varicose veins treated, as the complaints increase in the summer and the legs may look beautiful in the summer.

The Phlebology Team,
Annigje Jensema, dermatologist
Kajal Visser, phlebologist
Clarissa van Vlijmen, surgeon


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